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Products & Services



Life Insurance & Medical Aid

Our life insurance products ensure the financial well being of your family or dependants in the event of death or disability.

TriHead offers affordable life insurance plans for South Africans featuring great benefits.

Along with our Life Insurance offerings, TriHead also offers industry-leading medical aid. We work with the leading medical aid companies to give you the best deal and ensure you and your families well being.


At TriHead we firmly believe in the principle of “old fashioned service” with new technology.

All our correspondence can be handled via the internet/e-mail. We represent no fewer than 7 Insurance companies and see our role as ensuring you receive the most appropriate premium and policy to meet your current situation.

We annually review the portfolio to ensure the best fit is always maintained.


At TriHead our vision is a living financial plan in everyone’s life. This will empower you to make the right financial choices so that you can achieve your lifestyle goals reliably over time.

Our trusted advice empowers individuals and institutions to understand their financial options.

This enables them to make the right decisions on the development and implementation of their financial and investment strategies, based on their unique needs and goals.


We believe that the number one priority in Pension Fund Management is the process of investment policy setting-thus attaining the best net asset allocation.

We have as a result of this gone into partnership with ACSIS South Africa who specifically gears their business towards Implemented Goal Setting.

We have access to 6 administrators (excluding Insurers) to ensure the best possible rates and service.

No-Fault Clinical Trial Insurance Cover

We are proud to have placed the largest clinical trial policy in South Africa and have worked closely with research facilities as well as academic institutions in finding solutions to their respective needs.

We believe we are the industry leaders in this field of insurance and Specialised clinical trial knowledge. In addition to the above, we can now include Accident & Health – cover for research subjects travelling to and from research sites.

This cover specifically covers research subjects for bodily injury or property damage:

  • caused by an occurrence in connection with the Insured’s business, and resulting from a clinical trial conducted by or on behalf of the Insured. during the Period of Insurance or within 30 days of its termination.

Agreed Compensation Cover

  • compensation agreed under the applicable Clinical Trial Compensation Guidelines; or

Legal Liability Cover

  • damages and related claimants’ costs that the Insured becomes legally liable to pay, if and to the extent that settlement is not concluded under the Agreed Compensation Cover (above);

Furthermore, notwithstanding anything to the contrary above, these covers apply only to clinical trials if:

  • the product being investigated is a life science product

Trustee Services

The following points on Trustee services are not all-encompassing but merely outline the basic functions, but we do both Principal Officer Trustee duties :

  • Fiduciary duties to the fund and the beneficiaries;
  • To act independently
  • Accountable for the governance of the fund.
  • Ensure that the benefits promised in terms of the rules are actually delivered
  • As Principal Officer on Funds to ensure the compliance function, to the risk management responsibilities of the trustees.
  • To ensure that sub-committees fulfil their responsibilities
  • Liaison between different parties and ensure communication to members and service providers.
  • Section 37C distributions of death benefits
  • Remove conflicts of interest
  • Undertake reviews in accordance with our Service Level Agreements
  • Ensure regulatory frameworks are in place