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Medical Malpractice Cover

Medical Malpractice Cover

An analysis of the market shows that medical malpractice cover due to insurance claims are rising sharply and that this increase has a direct correlation to the higher premiums that are charged each year. We are committed to making a positive contribution to the long term sustainability of the medical sector in South Africa and after careful assessment of the current market condition regarding medical negligence.

We are now able to offer:

• A market-leading Medical Malpractice Cover Claims Made Insurance Policy
underwritten by a blue-chip insurer.

• The provision of stable, sustainable premiums with low
allocations to operating costs. We focus on what is
actually important by channelling our funding into
offering full protection and support to our clients.

• The use of mediation and other alternative dispute
resolution techniques to reduce claim costs so that
practitioners are not faced with a situation where their
Limit of Indemnity has been eroded by unnecessary
litigation or defence costs.

• The quick and efficient resolution of valid claims and the
rigorous defence against vexatious claimants.

• Personal coaching by highly qualified Medico-Legal
Practitioners on how best to deal with a claim, as well
as the trauma associated with that claim.

• Relevant and innovative patient relationship
management tips garnered from sound international
research and supplemented with insights received from
practitioners’ interactions through their daily dealings
with their patients